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Hiring A Calligrapher

by Heather Hill, House of Calligraphy

If you are thinking about hiring a calligrapher to address your wedding invitations, write names on your place cards, or create your seating chart then keep the following questions in mind:

1. Does this calligrapher have any background or education in the arts or calligraphy?

Beware of part-time hobbyists who are out to make a fast buck off of you.

2. Are you able to see examples of this calligrapher's work?

If you receive a recommendation from a friend ask to see examples first just to make sure you like the calligrapher's style and the quality of their work.

3. Does this calligrapher have a clear and understandable pricing structure for their services? Do they offer free price quotes/estimates?

You are entitled to know the price you will be paying for services. Sometimes it is difficult for calligraphers to have a set price for items such as seating charts because there are so many variables involved, but the calligrapher should at least be able to give you a price estimate based upon the variables you present to them.

4. Does this calligrapher write out everything by hand or do they use a calligraphy computer program?

If you are specifically in the market for handwritten calligraphy then be on the look out for websites that contain language such as "overnight turn around time," "100's of fonts to choose from," or "cheap." Handwritten calligraphy always conveys a certain warmth that computerized calligraphy cannot duplicate. Oftentimes handwritten calligraphy is comparable in price to computerized calligraphy.

5. Are you considering having your well-meaning artistic friend address your wedding invitations instead of hiring a calligrapher in order to save money?

Stop! Hire a professional who knows what they are doing. This is your wedding day and you deserve the best. Don't jeopardize a friendship to save money.

6. Is this calligrapher willing to sign a contract or state in writing the services they will be providing you?

Be cautious of any wedding vendor who is unwilling to sign a contract. If you put a deposit down be certain to get a copy of the receipt.

7. Is this calligrapher a good listener? Do they understand what you want? Are they respectful of your needs?

If the answer is "no" then keep shopping for another calligrapher.

In the wedding industry there are many calligraphers. Continue to search until you find one that will fit your budget and fulfill your needs. Give yourself plenty of time to look for one because it is difficult and expensive to book one at the last minute.


Heather Hill
House of Calligraphy


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