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Finding The Perfect Wedding Location

by Matt Jacks, Freelance Writer

So you know whom, but now, where? The perfect location is of course relative to you and your betrothed. It all depends on personal opinion; beauty is after all in the eye of the beholder. One of the most popular choices (for those who have escaped the constraints of stick-in-the-mud relatives) is of course, the beach. Preferably at sunrise or sunset the exotic combination of lazily swaying palm trees and gentle waves lapping at a sandy shore is difficult to resist. It's certainly romantic, and brings with it many plusses. Holiday and travel companies know this all too well of course and use print and electronic media to remind us constantly. There is quite a competition on out there between the likes of California, Florida, Caribbean islands, South Seas, Mediterranean coast and Australia amongst others to tempt engaged couples to tie the knot on their particular tidal sands.


But, horses for courses, and different people dance to other tunes. Mountains for example rank highly for their sheer, dramatic magnificence and have a calming presence and spiritual feeling all of their own. The tops, snowcapped of course, stark against a clear sky, sometimes seem to stand watchful over the wedding ceremony and hopefully grant some of their sense of permanence to the happy union of man and woman. Indeed, some take this further and climb the mountain to be wed, along with the out of breath clergy and few brave guests. For those who like this idea but not the effort involved, then a helicopter ride up to the ridge or summit is a pricier alternative. At 14,110 feet tall, Pikes Peak, 60 miles south of Denver, Colorado has for over a hundred years attracted nuptially inclined Americans and still does in considerable numbers today. For those with a bizarre streak to their character, the nearby Cheyenne Mountain Zoo promotes its 'Primate World' as an exciting and unusual venue for weddings. Catering can be provided for in-house apparently, which somewhat boggles the mind!


In New Zealand the Christchurch Botanic Gardens offers its' wares as a possible choice, and it would certainly prove to be an interesting one. The many varied and unique flora of this isolated land creating wonderful opportunities for photographic backdrops on a not-to-be-forgotten special day. Mind you, locations can bring baggage with them, and the betrothed should sometimes beware of what is going on around and beyond their borders of bliss. Farmers have to farm and one unlucky wedding party's perfect place for a picnic-style wedding, in France, carefully chosen atop that grassy hill with the best country views became far from suitable when the wind switched and began blowing in the wrong direction as some tractors arrived and started muck-spreading a few miles away. All reality is an illusion says the Buddha, but he wasn't on that hill.


Architecture can attract, and castles, mansion-houses, and ancient ruined temples are tremendous venues for weddings, adding the color of history to the occasion, often-violent history at that, perhaps all too apt if the mothers of the bride and groom are still refusing to talk to each other. Many wear period designer wedding gowns. Pop queen Madonna is probably the most famous non-royal to give the stamp of approval to a castle for her December 2000 wedding to British movie-director Guy Ritchie. Skibo Castle at Dornoch, on the east coast of Scotland not far from Inverness was selected for the task. Perfect for them perhaps, but less so for the locals who had to put up with hordes of paparazzi descending onto their bleak but peaceful repose.


That's the problem with perfect locations; they don't always go hand-in-hand with perfect situations. But since most, not all, but most, problems are caused by people then why not get them out of the equation. They can't stick their oar in if they're not there to watch in the first place. That's the logic behind a spate of recent skydiving and parachuting weddings. Thousands of feet in the air, more extreme than the mountaineers, complete space all around. Okay, so vows have to be shouted at the tops of voices, but truly the perfect place for dodging relatives who would only spoil it if they were there. Just send 'em the video! Hot air ballooning weddings offer the same get-away-from-it-all factor, but at infinitely more leisurely pace. The otherworldly feelings of this option are surely hard to beat, and you can do it almost anywhere on Earth. Instead of traveling to the ceremony, the ceremony will be traveling with you!


At the other pole from the skydivers is an Indonesian wedding. There, everyone's invited, literally. Not only the ones the bride and groom know, either. For those invited directly can invite others themselves! Even if these newcomers don't even know who's getting married. It's not a problem, just come anyway! Hundreds turn up for the event, for the spectacular costumes and the hopefully free food and drink. For to stay away if asked is regarded as an insult that may have social or economic consequences. To Indonesians anywhere is the perfect location (so long as there's the room); it's what's happening there that makes the place, not vice versa.


Westerners seem to believe in the maxim: Location! Location! Location! However, and what about a cliff top wedding? There is plenty of stunning coastline around to choose from, just don't stand too close to the edge. Unless it's to step aboard a cable car, that is. Yet another choice growing in popularity in the Swiss Alps, many authorities permit this in the off-season when there are no skiers to hold up.


Cruise ships are an expensive and luxurious alternative, but remember everyone on board will find out and keep on want to congratulate you and wish you well. To escape from drowning in pleasantries, you'll have to go overboard, and why not! Diving weddings can be the route to the perfect location for some, whether coral reef, shipwreck, or even the Olympic sized swimming pool! Just don't forget to pack your bridal wear with your swimwear.


But, if peace and quiet isn't your thing, Las Vegas could be good for you. Its got the glitz okay and the glamour, though perhaps weddings should not be associated with gambling. Or maybe it is the same thing after all? Fantastic manmade surroundings without unfortunate metaphors can be involved through a Disney wedding, childlike innocence is certainly more positive, but, many agree and your chosen spot in this magical kingdom may not always be available when you are.


Still the endless possibilities line up. Olde Worlde charm can be brought to bear by the hiring of a country cottage, complete with essential herb garden. The desolate splendor of a desert campsite might be preferable. A wide lake perchance, on a steamboat. Or the pebbled shoreline of a smaller, limpid, mountain lake flanked with verdant-forested slopes, and a distant waterfall glimpsed through the soft hue of morning mist. There now, for me, that really would be the perfect wedding location.


Matt Jacks is a successful freelance writer providing tips and advice for consumers purchasing plus size wedding gowns, western wedding invitations and personalized wedding verses. His numerous articles offer moneysaving tips and valuable insight on typically confusing topics.

"Finding The Perfect Wedding Location" reprinted with permission. Net Guides Publishing, Inc.


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