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The Small Affair

by Benita Wheeler-McGirt,

Are you the type bride who just wants a sweet moment? Who only envisions their family and close friends at their wedding? Would like to save money for the honeymoon? The solution: A SMALL AFFAIR.

The first step is creating the guest list and sticking the list. Sit down with the groom and your parents and divide up the list as equally as possible. Anyone relatives or friends you have not seen in five years is automatically cut off the list. Giving your single guests a date is not an option unless they are engaged or the person in their life as a long term partner. Kids can be also be discussed as well. Then be prepared to stick to your decision.

A place for the wedding is the next step to tackle on your to do list. You want a place that is warm and intimate. A full service chapel is a great place to have your big day. A park is an inexpensive place to have a small wedding day. If you want something more traditional, have it at a church, but for the reception, rent out a small banquet room.

As far the nuts and bolts of your wedding day, this is all up to you. You can plan something really traditional, or you can think outside the box for your ideas. Instead of everyone sitting down, you can get married under the glow of candlelight as the guests hold a candle for a short ceremony. For the wedding party, you can have the traditional three bridesmaids and groomsmen or walk down the aisle with the groom for an unique touch.

The advantages of this type wedding are numerous. You can serve something more substantial to your guests. You can afford a more expensive wedding gown if this is at the top of your wish list. You give your guests the little extras such as a rose for each female guest or a small replica of your wedding cake as a favor. Most importantly, with a small wedding, a bride can touch, see, and hear each wedding guest. To me, being able to share yourself with your wedding guests makes the best moment for a wedding.

The small wedding affair is a priceless way to get married.


Benita Wheeler-McGirt
Decatur, Georgia


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