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Honeymoon Checklist

by Mary Liu,

As your wedding day approaches, so does your long-awaited honeymoon. Finally, no more guests and no more planning, just the two of you alone in a romantic getaway. Below is a checklist of items you may need to help prevent some potential mishaps:

1. Passport and visas if you are traveling overseas - make sure you have applied for these items far in advance. Remember that security is now extremely tight and unyielding. While you are on your vacation, keep your passport and visas in a safe location, so you won't run into any complications during your return trip.

2. Adapter for small appliances like your hair dryer or curling iron - if you are going to a foreign country, remember that your electrical plugs may not be the same voltage as required for the electrical outlets available.

3. Prescription medication - anything that is crucial to your well being will help make your trip that much more enjoyable. If you have allergies and forget your medication, you may have constant attacks during your time away.

4. List of credit card and traveler's check numbers kept in a separate and safe place - if your wallet gets stolen, you'll be able to call and report your cards and checks stolen. Unused traveler's checks can be reissued, so you won't be stranded with no money.

5. Inoculations - certain diseases are prevalent in various parts of the world. Check with your doctor to receive the appropriate vaccinations before you leave for your destination.

6. Extra pair of contact lenses or eyeglasses - if you lose the only pair you have, the rest of your trip may literally be a blur.

7. Health insurance card - in case of a medical emergency.

8. Clothes for the climate - if you live in Buffalo and your honeymoon is in Cancun during March, remember that shorts and bathing suits are appropriate but not winter wool coats.


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