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A Groom's Survival Guide To...

Your Wedding Day

by Rusty Fischer, author of SUPERGROOM: 101 Ways to be the Most Romantic Groom EVER!

Despite the fact that you and your future wife aren't technically supposed to see each other, don't let her forget for a minute that your love is true. Reassure her cold feet, not to mention yours, with these ten timely tips designed to make her look forward to the ceremony more than ever!


It's tradition for the bride, not mention the rest of the bridal party, to get their hair done before the ceremony. If your bride-to-be is partaking of this Tresseme tradition, phone ahead to her hair salon or beauty parlor and arrange not only to pay her bill (come on, cheapskate, it's your wedding day!) but for a bottle of champagne or two to be chilling in the back room as your sweetheart arrives.

If booze and beauty aren't a good mix, however, why not arrange for chocolate-dipped strawberries, miniature cheesecakes, or any and all of your bride-to-be's favorite sweets to magically appear between the shampoo and the scissors?

Not only will you make your fiancee feel like the Queen of the World, but it could just turn out to be her best haircut ever!

Driver Duties

As if your bride-to-be's limousine driver doesn't have enough to do, enlist his help in surprising your future bride with a last-minute love touch, such as an original love poem (written by YOU, not HIM), yet another gag delivery of tissues, though this time in a bigger box, or just a sweet token of affection such as a heart-shaped lollipop.

You can also enlist the limo driver to present you future bride with something she might need on her way to the church. For instance, why not slap a brilliantly white bow on a container of Tums, Pepto Bismol, or other upset stomach remedy. If he's a ham, have him sing her a request or two of her favorite songs. Maybe he can even take her on a quick detour past the historic landmark of your first date, first kiss, etc.

Whatever you decide to have your limousine driver help you do, follow it with a generous tip!

Room Service

Your bride will no doubt be ready, primped, and pressed by the time she steps out of the limousine and into the church. Attendants will lovingly carry her train, a weepy-eyed mother will straighten her tiara, and an envious flower girl will watch her every lady-like move.

But she will still have to cool her luxurious high heels in a secret anteroom off-limits to you or any other man, except perhaps for the father of the bride. Usually, it's in the back of the church, near the restrooms, where they store the altar boy robes and extra bulletins for next week. Not glamorous, by any means.

But you can make sure the room where your future bride will be waiting for her bridal march is as romantic as the Taj Mahal with just a little thought and effort. Show up early for the ceremony, and make sure this "secret" room is littered with fresh flowers, a box of chocolates, and boxes and boxes and boxes of tissue. You can add sweet notes, or personal touches, but no matter how you adorn this special room, it'll just be one more sign that your bride-to-be has one romantic groom waiting for her at the end of that aisle!

Wedding Day Want-Ad

Ahead of time, call the local newspaper, Thrifty Nickel, or grocery store giveaway and place a loving ad to appear the day of your wedding. Make it simple, make it fun, make it meaningful -- but make the call!

You won't have much room, so make every word count. You can pledge your love, thank her for saying "yes," or simply mark the occasion with a short, rhyming love poem. Not only will your Wedding Day Want-Ad make a touching souvenir for years to come, but it will touch the hearts of all those incoming wedding guests as well.

Hand deliver the paper to your lucky guests, or have a stack of them waiting at the chapel door. Either way, they're sure to make headlines!

Sexy Stickies!

When you're through cleaning, or that maid you secretly hired with the early wedding present from Uncle Earl is gone, invest in a fresh stack of blue or pink sticky notes and a sexy glitter pen or two. Run from room to room composing sweet "Welcome Home, Mrs. Fischer!" notes, and other heartfelt, romantic, or even sexy messages for your new bride to find when you both return from your honeymoon.

You won't have time for this stuff during the long wedding week, especially if you live together, so it's got to be a "before the ceremony" type thing. Either way, coming home to a (clean) house full of thoughtful notes is one sure way to start the rest of your life together on a good "note!"


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