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A Groom's Survival Guide To...

The Day Before Your Wedding

by Rusty Fischer, author of SUPERGROOM: 101 Ways to be the Most Romantic Groom EVER!

Although it's often overshadowed by bigger and "better" things, such as last-minute fittings, minor disasters, and that little, quiet, calm event known as the rehearsal dinner, the day before your wedding is the best chance for the lucky couple to act like carefree singles -- together!

So don't waste this precious 24-hour "window of opportunity!" Try our ten romantic tips instead!

Puzzling Pit Stop

Forget carefree, commitment-free fun! Your last day as a single couple is full of family commitments, last-minute emergencies, a wedding rehearsal, and a rehearsal dinner honoring your family, bridal party, and out-of-town guests.

Yet in between racing to pick up your tux and finalizing the honeymoon plans with the travel agent, pull over and make a pit stop -- for fun!

Grab a hot bite to eat, and thirty minutes together, at a local cafe or drive-thru. Pull over and take a stroll on the beach or just grab a few candy bars and get a car wash! Who cares, as long as you're relaxed, together, and carefree -- for a short while anyway.

Romantic Ride

Despite the fact, or maybe because of it, that you are soon to be celebrating the joining of two lives together, you'll actually get to spend very little time together on the day before your wedding. Therefore, as the two of you race around town in separate directions -- not to mention separate cars -- remain "always on her mind" by buying a romantic collection of wedding songs for her car stereo.

You can find such ready-made collections, on cassette or CD, nearly anywhere these days, from to Wal-mart. They usually have bells, doves, or glasses of champagne on the cover, and universally recognized "wedding songs" inside, everything from Ave Maria to the Wedding March to The Wind Beneath My Wings!

What better way to spend the day before her wedding than listening to -- wedding songs? Simply deposit your prenuptial purchase on her driver's seat that morning, and she's off!

Once she dries her eyes, that is ...

"Jitters" Journal

Although she'll be busier than a ticket-taker at a summer blockbuster, your bride-to-be will no doubt be a bundle of nerves and a tapestry of emotions come the day before her wedding.

Ahead of time, comb the local bookstores and card shops for a wedding-themed or similarly romantic journal or diary (the kind with blank pages inside) and present it to her the morning of the last day of her single life.

Inscribe it with a heartfelt, sentimental, or personal dedication on the cover page, date it, and title the first page for her: MY "JITTERS" JOURNAL!

Here, whenever she gets a spare moment through the long, eventful, tumultuous day, or perhaps instead of tossing and turning later that long, restless night, she can write down all her hopes, fears, desires, frustrations, and anything else she wants.

What a perfect way to relieve stress -- and perhaps relive a momentous day on your first anniversary next year -- when she reads it out loud!

Perfect Picnic!

Since you'll most likely be on the road all day, and most likely headed in the opposite directions, why not arrange to meet each other for a pleasant picnic "lunch" sometime during the day before your wedding.

Homemade sandwiches and beer, a quick trip to Subway or Sobiks, or even take-out Chinese food all make for perfect picnic fare as you spend a few quiet, stolen moments together.

You'll need the energy for the long night ahead -- and the downtime for your own sanity. (Just don't forget the bug spray!)

Sleepover Sack

To prepare for her night before the wedding alone -- or at least without you -- place a framed picture of yourself, her favorite midnight snack, some more gag tissues, a sexy "sleep tight" note, a romantic book of poetry, etc., in her overnight bag when she's not paying attention.

It may seem dopey, it may seem lame, but you'll never know what your bride-to-be is going through as she spends a restless night tossing and turning at her parents', best friends', or even your house -- alone. Your thoughtful touches and clever gags could just be the difference between her sleeping contentedly -- and wasting a lot of time on "what ifs?"


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