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A Groom's Survival Guide To...

The Week Before Your Wedding

by Rusty Fischer, author of SUPERGROOM: 101 Ways to be the Most Romantic Groom EVER!

Otherwise known as the shortest (but somehow also the longest) week of your life, the seven days before your wedding day are a chaotic 168 hours full of bachelor and bachelorette parties, lunches, brunches, dinners, meetings, deadlines, due dates, and more often than not, disasters!

Whisk your bride-to-be away from this "Crazy Countdown" with our five tips for easing her mind, relieving her stress, and taking her breath away!

Are You Game?

If your suddenly socialite schedule is simply too crowded to steal an entire evening away together (shame on you!), at least synchronize your wedding watches and agree to make a secret, clandestine meeting -- at the local game room!

Not only will this blinking, beeping, bumper-pool filled location be the very last place any bridesmaids, groomsmen, or irate-family-members-from-out-of-town be looking for you, but the sheer bliss of feeding a handful of quarters into something other than yet another parking meter in front of yet another bakery, stationary store, or limo rental office will be nothing short of heaven!

Fire your troubles away at an electronic shooting range, or just let your bride-to-be fall off of her I-must-fit-into-my-wedding-gown diet at the junk food snack bar! Either way, it's the simplest (and cheapest) way to inject a little fun and romance into an otherwise stressful seven days!

And, no matter who gets high score, you'll both be winners!

Stuff Yourself!

If a midweek date night, a clandestine cocktail, or even a Riunite rendezvous are out of the question, at least treat your future bride to a tiny treat that's sure to make her smile -- or sneeze!

Find the cheesiest, goofiest, lamest, teenybopper teddy bear or any other stuffed animal you can drum up. (The cheesier the better!) Dollar stores, discount shops, or even those claw & coin game room machines are famous for the type of cheesy-slash-cuddly creatures you're looking for.

Along the way, scout out a similarly sappy greeting card of the "Roses are Red" variety. If you can't find one cheesy enough, buy a blank card and fill it with the slogan of your choice. "Bee Mine," "I can't spell 'I Love You' without 'U'," or "I love you Beary much" are all winners.

Finally, present your betrothed with her step back into puppy love. You may get tears, you may get laughter, but you'll no doubt get a reaction -- and she'll get something to snuggle with when the two of you can't be together!

Munching Matinee

There's no place like the movies to escape the daily grind, and the local theater is the last place those in desperate need of your menu suggestions, waist size, and evening input will look for you. So what's stopping you from taking a much-needed mid-week break and "heading for Hollywood?"

If your bride-to-be hasn't shed enough tears this week, treat her to a guiltless chick flick, without complaint! If the last thing she wants to do is tear-up, surprise her with a rousing comedy, shoot 'em up thriller, or creepy creature feature.

No matter what you see, be sure to put off the "wedding gown weight watchers" for a night and raid the concession stand for a jumbo bag of popcorn, an equally super-sized soda (for two), and the junk food(s) of her choice.

Who knows, you might have so much wedding week fun, you just might decide to take in a double feature. (Or elope to Hollywood!)

Rocky Mating High

For the extreme stress relief needed by burned out, stressed out, and "familied" out week-before-the-wedding-warriors such as your and your betrothed, head for the mountains!

Or, at least, the local pseudo-rock-climbing wall sure to be located in your town's trendiest entertainment district. The perfect distraction from all those cocktail parties, measurements, and brunches, you're sure to scale the heights of stress relief with this simple and affordable escape.

Dress casual, get sweaty, and play hard! After an evening of rock climbing, your aunt Bernice's twice daily cheek-pinches are sure to seem like child's play!

Puzzle Power

To get the most out of your quiet moments together during this wild and wacky week before the wedding, simply invest in a five-dollar, dime store puzzle and make puzzle time a nightly priority.

While it may seem like the last thing your future bride feels like doing, she will soon see the simply joy of sitting across from her beloved and whiling away a few quiet, stress-free moments at the end of each busy night.

Some candlelight, a little romantic music in the background, and a glass of wine are sure to round out these romantic evenings that are anything but puzzling.

And, while you may not finish the puzzle during your eventful week, leaving it "as is" until after you get back from the honeymoon is a great way to remind each other of the way you deal with your problems -- together!


Happily married for ten years, author Rusty Fischer and his beautiful wife
Martha have found that the key to a lasting marriage is ROMANCE!


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