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Showering The Bride With Scent

by Eleanor Athens,

How fragrances can make your wedding day easier...

Can a scent really help you cope with everything that goes into being a bride? Aromachology, the study of how fragrance affects our moods, seems to indicate so.

E aromachologic fragrance oils are compelling scents designed to enhance well-being. Using the science of aromachology, each fragrance is blended from pure essential oils and perfumer's absolutes in an organic oil base, with vitamin E as a preservative. Just as our attitudes are affected by sounds and colors, what we smell has a direct effect on our emotional outlook and behavior.

Brides are facing a very emotional experience; all the happiness and excitement, and perhaps some anxiety. The right fragrance isn't going to guarantee that everything will be perfect, but it can smooth the way. Aromatherapists have been using scent to treat stress for years, and the mainstream has really begun to embrace the power of fragrance. Studies done by Shiseido have shown that citrus scent can lower our cortisol levels (stress hormone) in pressure situations, and the smell of rose is relaxing. Maybe that's where the expression "stop and smell the roses" comes from.

So what fragrance should you wear on your wedding day? "For the bride, I would recommend citrus and white flowers," says Eleanor Athens, creator of E aromachologic. "Fresh citrus scents lower stress levels, and the aroma of tropical blossoms such as jasmine and ylang is both relaxing and euphoric; just how you want to feel on your wedding day." If the reception is at night, or for the honeymoon, layer on a little bit of vetiver or oakmoss to feel sexy. If your bouquet is unscented (calla lilys, for example, have very little natural fragrance), consider perfuming it's ribbons so it appeals to a third sense.

Soothing lavender and light floral scents make ideal bridesmaid gifts. After all, they could use some calming and relaxing too. "If you give your bridesmaids simple or single-note fragrances, you can guarantee their perfumes won't be fighting with each other or yours," Eleanor notes. Bouquets and corsages are another lovely, subtle way to add fragrance. Gardenias are a perennial favorite, tuberose and jasmine are also beautiful white flowers.

If we are affected by scent as aromachology indicates, then every event and experience can be enhanced by fragrance. "Fragrance is the way to appeal to another sense, to create an immersive experience," says Eleanor. "Shops, homes, places and events can all enjoy the benefit of a signature fragrance. At a wedding, everything from the linen water that perfumes table settings to the scented flowers adds it's note to the fragrance of your wedding day."


Eleanor Athens


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