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Finding The Dress Of Your Dreams At A Price You Can Afford

by Kristie McDaniel-Price,

Inspired by my own search for my wedding dress, I decided to write this article because it turns out you can get lucky if you research and are patient. I started looking for my dress a few months before I got married and I found the dress I loved, but it was $800. My dress was really simple and this was not in my budget, so I got the company name and the style number and searched everywhere online and off for this dress. Finally I found it offline for $499 at a local bridal shop. But them I was looking for flower girl dresses in a popular department store catalog and imagine my surprise when I saw my dress for $299. I couldn't believe it. I know I lucked out, but maybe with these tips you can too!

1. Be patient. You can definitely wait to buy your dress. With all these different companies selling that on dress, you can search to find the best dress. Unless you're buying a Vera Wang original, do a little hunting!

2. Write down the designer and style number or dress name. This is important for your research.

3. Research. Look everywhere online and off for your dress. I found my dress online for a couple of lower prices before I found the $299 dress. A lot of online companies offer dresses at rock bottom price. You can find accessories very cheap online also. Search for "Discount Wedding Dresses".

4. Look at the wedding dresses from popular department stores. These stores can sell the same dress at lower prices because they have the buying power.

5. Have a style in mind, but don't get stuck on one particular dress if you can.

Learn the style that looks best on you. I say that looks best on you because originally I wanted one of those poofy Cinderella dresses but I tried one on and it made my hips look huge (and believe me I don't need any help!). So, I tried on different dresses and chose the style that looked best on me.   Good luck on your search and have fun planning your wedding!


By Kristie McDaniel, author of the E-book, Do Yourself A Wedding Favor, available at Subscribe to my free newsletter for more decorating tips and ideas!


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