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Your Personal Wedding Website

by Robert Hirscheimer,

The Internet has made planning a wedding a much easier process for young couples of the 21st century. It is a tremendous source of information for everything you could ever imagine related to the big day. One application that is becoming increasingly popular is a wedding website where all of the details of the wedding can be posted along with many other terrific features.

There are many benefits to having a wedding website. There is a lot of information to disseminate, and by putting all of the information online; the couple eliminates the endless requests for information that typically occur when a wedding approaches.

Sallie Baldwin of Savannah Georgia, a recently engaged young woman, appreciated her wedding website for the information it provided for her guests. "I wanted a way for our family and friends to easily access information about events around the wedding. A lot of our family and friends don't live near us so it is a way for each other's families to get to know us as a couple immediately!"

Most wedding websites allow people to RSVP online. Emily Riggs of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, another wedding website user had a very positive reaction from her guests regarding the RSVP function. "We were so pleased with the way it worked out, 85% of our RSVP's came via email - including two sets of grandparents!" Her guests also found another benefit. "Everybody was printing our "Our Story", Pictures and Bios so they could save them." Some sites allow couples to update their photos from the wedding and honeymoon as time goes by.

A huge benefit of a wedding website is that the couple can have a link to their online registry. This allows guests to see what the couple has chosen and to make a contribution without leaving their home. Kirk Spangenberg of Charleston, South Carolina appreciated that feature the most. "My favorite part is the link to the registry. I want to make it as easy as possible for people to buy us the things we have picked out for our wedding!"

There are also fun things for the guests to see on some wedding website, like a countdown as well as a poll and quiz about the happy couple. Some sites have additional features such as a special page for out of town guests. This allows the couple to provide their guests with all kinds of information about their city, suggested accommodations, places to visit, restaurants, and shopping. Tiffany Duggin of Los Angeles, California appreciated this feature the most. "I wanted a way for our family and friends to learn about things to do and see in Philadelphia" (where the wedding is taking place). Our site had great links for restaurants, attractions, and lots of other great stuff in Philly.

Perhaps the greatest thing of all is that the couple can make everyone a part of the festivities, even those that could not attend the event. Lara G. of Montreal, Canada can attest to that. "We had a small wedding and could not invite as many friends and family as we wanted and many people who live far away could not make the trip. The website allowed everyone to be a part of our special day".


The preceding article was written by Robert Hirscheimer of


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