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Memories To Last For A Lifetime

by Nina Romano,

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding and spends months, sometimes years planning, all for that one special day a day she will remember and cherish for her entire life. Traditionally there have only been a few ways to preserve those memories so your children and grandchildren could experience that cherished moment in your life. Recently a new industry has emerged making it possible to preserve a part of your wedding for a lifetime.

Floral freeze drying can preserve your wedding bouquet, the same flowers you walked down the isle with, through a space age process called freeze drying. This process extracts the water from your flowers using a floral freeze dryer, the flowers maintain there shape, color and smell and will last for a lifetime. Most floral freeze drying professionals will then reassemble your bouquet and mount it in an oval frame with a special dome for you and your family to cherish forever.

This service until recently has been reserved for an elite few with prices well above $400.00 for a single wedding bouquet. As the popularity of this service increased over the years, larger companies have entered the floral freeze drying market and brought the price down. Now a bride can afford to have here memories preserved with prices around $99.00 for an 11x14 , most brides can't afford not to take advantage of this service.


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