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Favors By The Score

by Kathryn Lemmon, Wedding Zone Staff Writer

Wedding favors never go out of style. Depending on your budget, you can spend a small amount or a large sum on mementos of your special day. Regardless, it's often the creativity and inspiration behind the gift that really counts, not necessarily the cost.

Jordan almonds are a traditional wedding favor. The typical way to present these sugarcoated bits of edible symbolism is in sets of three or five. Three almonds are said to stand for bride, groom, and future baby or bride, groom, and Christ. The five almond combination stands for happiness, health, wealth, fertility and longevity. Rich in both taste and cultural meaning, they're commonly found at Italian, Middle Eastern and Greek weddings.

Fresh almonds are known for their bittersweet taste, which signifies life. The sugarcoating is added with the hope the couple's married life will be more sweet than bitter. If you choose Jordan almonds as your favor, you may wish to attach a small card, explaining their meaning.

If almonds aren't your style, here's some other favor ideas to ignite your imagination:

Sachets--in your wedding colors

Personalized bottles filled with popcorn

Hawaiian leis

Small wind chimes

Flower bulbs

Tree saplings

Miniature topiary

Bottles of bubbles

Heart-shaped trinket boxes

Pocket knives

Disposable cameras

A love poem written by one or both of you

Chocolate coins in gold foil

An Irish Blessing or proverb on decorative paper

Donations to charity

Scratch-off lottery tickets

Birdseed wrapped in netting with ribbons

Ceramic magnets

Personalized word search puzzles

Scented bath beads

Homemade cookies in decorative boxes

Miniature jellies

Cookie cutters and recipes

Mini wine bottles

Key chains

Personalized pens or pencils

Gourmet coffee beans in mugs

Miniature soaps

Blow-up beach balls

Small spice bottles

Salt & pepper shakers

Wicker baskets with candy or potpourri


Custom Music CD's, with custom covers

Homemade beeswax candles

Ukrainian eggs

Keepsake bookmarks with verse

Assortment of tea bags

Fortune cookies with a "love" message inside

Blank books or journals

Personalized yo yo's

Rose bud vases


Native American dreamcatchers

Potted African violets

Snow domes-for a winter wedding

Personalized decks of cards

Wildflower seeds

Picture frames, silver or ceramic

Personalized post-it notes



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