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Food For Thought

by Christine Stieber, The Perfect Day, Southern California

As a professional wedding coordinator for the past 15 years I have had the opportunity to pass along "pearls of wisdom" and "food for thought" to my client's to increase the enjoyment of their planning phase as well as their actual wedding day. Here are just a few.

1. Keep your sense of humor through out. Everything can and will have a funny slant if you just look for it.

2. Include a wedding ring or favorite flower in your bouquet of a special loved one who has passed on.

3. Picture frames as a place card or table escort card holder. Then send a small wedding photograph with your thank you note for the frame.

4. The bride and each attendant should bring several extra pairs of hose. When you have an extra you will be guaranteed no "runs".

5. Someone should be in charge of an "anti panic" bag filled with sewing kit, pins, matches, sanitary supplies, pen, etc.

6. A realistic itinerary listing each professionals arrival and departure as well as the activities of the day will keep everyone running on time.

7. The bride and each attendant should purchase their shoes one month before the wedding and wear them around the house to break them in.

8. The bride and each attendant should scuff up the bottom of their shoes so they are not slippery.

9. Preserving your bouquet (including your garter, his boutonniere, and invitation) will create a wonderful vignette.


Christine Stieber
The Perfect Day


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