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Making Layered Bows

by Pat Klassen ...

The layered bow is made from two (or more) separate bows, of various sizes, stacked on top of each other. They can be placed together by gluing or by twisting all the wires together. Usually you use different colors of ribbon, different texture and patterns in addition to being a different size. The top bow should have a center loop to cover the wire.

Making a Bow

1. Pinch the ribbon and make a loop leaving the tail the desired length.

2. Continue making loops gradually increasing the size of the loops until the bow is full and you have enough ribbon left to make the other tail.

3. Secure the center of the bow with wire.

4. Fan out the loops.

5. Cut the tails at an angle or in points to finish off the bow.

Making a Layered Bow

1. Make a bow as described above. If layering more than two bows, make additional bows. Each one should be slightly smaller than the last.

2. Lay the smaller bow over the center of the larger bow and connect the wires by twisting them together under the larger bow.


Author: Pat Klassen, Bows by Pat ... Everything looks better with a bow!


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