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Affordable Gift Wrap

by Pat Klassen ...

As you know, you can spend a lot of money on gift wrap, sometimes you can spend more on gift wrap than on the gift itself! Wouldn't you like your gifts to look spectacular for only pennies? Here are a few tips for great looking gifts:

Gift Bags

Gift bags are easy, fast and foolproof. Bags don't come cheap, so we need to learn how to make them ourselves. Use bags that you have around your home, brown or colored lunch bags. bags with plastic handles from specialty shops, cosmetic counters, etc.... If your bag has a logo on the front of it, just glue a decoration over it, and you have an original gift bag. You can use gift cards, fabrics, patterned paper or artwork to cover the logos. Then you can add ribbons, silk or fresh flowers or greenery along with novelty notions to fit the occasion. Just use your imagination and you will be surprised at how wonderful you can make your gift look!

Creative Gift Wrap

Listed below are practical alternatives to expensive gift wrapping paper:

- Shelving paper

- Wallpaper

- A plastic tablecloth

- Newspapers

- Colored tissue paper

- New or used fabrics (Use pinking shears for a special effect. Keep an eye on garage sales for dresses etc... that are shiny, lacy, sparkly.)

- Sponge painted paper

- Iron on crayon paper (Place shaved crayon on butcher paper and cover withaxed paper. Iron on the waxed paper melting the crayons.)

- Maps, posters

- Dinner sized napkins (Flowered, checkered or children's party napkins make interesting gift wraps

- Bottles, jars, tins, cardboard tubes, take out containers, baskets, toy buckets, coffee mugs, etc....

Toppers for your beautiful gifts

This is the best part of the gift wrap. When you have a gift professionally wrapped they use the cutest adornments. Well you can do the same. Use doilies, pieces of lace, stickers, flowers (fresh or silk), greenery from your garden, pine cones, strands of pearls, or even candy. Many of these items can be wound or worked around beautiful ribbon bows or flowers. Start training your eye to these little treasures that you can add to your gift. You can find many of them at garage sales. The possibilities are endless!


Author: Pat Klassen, Bows by Pat ... Everything looks better with a bow!


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