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A Few Tips For Planning Your Wedding

by Jean Wert, Lansdale, PA

Congratulations on your engagement, please don't wait, now its time to select the date for your Wedding Day. Here are a few tips for you from the Wedding Consultants at Marjeane's.

When selecting your date keep in mind you're going to have to co-ordinate the Church and the Caterer. We recommend at least one year in advance.

TIP: Select at least two dates with the Church and have your name penciled in, it gives you some lead way when visiting Caterers. When selecting your date remember the months of May, June, August, September, and October are the most popular.


Sit down with both sets of parents and decide on a budget and the number of guests to be invited.

TIP: Most Caterers require a 125 guest guarantee for a Saturday Night reception, so invite a little more. One rule of thumb is you will have a 10% to 15% decline in your guest list. Let your Caterer know the budget you have for your reception, so they can show your a package designed to  best meet your needs and budget.

Deciding on Buffet, Dinner, Food Stations, Cocktail Party

Buffets and Food Stations are thought to be less expensive then a Sit Down Dinner but are not always. You are offering your guests a variety of entrees to have and an all you can eat situation, a good Caterer will use the same number of table staff plus Buffet or Station servers.

TIP: Decide carefully if you are considering a Buffet, it will take much longer to serve your guests then a sit down dinner and a Four Hour Reception may not afford enough time to enjoy yourself to the fullest.


Unless you are renting a Hall and doing everything from scratch, the full Catering Facilities today are beautiful and only need the addition of Floral centerpieces to adorn the tables. Most Caterers offer a wide selection of Linen colors to choose from.

TIP: Although there can be a variety of linen colors to choose from, your color may not be among the choices, so be prepared to select a color that would compliment, or have your Caterer rent the color of your choice (this would be an additional charge) but you would be assured of getting the color that you want.


Always ask to see their work, ask around, talk to some newlyweds and see who they selected and why, how did they work with them on their Wedding Day, did they allow them to get to the Wedding Reception on Time.

TIP: No matter who you select, sit down and think of the Photo shots you especially want taken and give that list to your photographer. The day of your wedding is so exciting and full, you may forget someone you especially what in the pictures but not to worry your photographer has your list and will see to it that all is done. Remember to count your Photographer in your guest list for Dinner, he has been with you all day and hasn't gotten a chance to eat.


Jean Wert, Marjeane Caterers Inc.


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