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A carefully selected favor will leave a long lasting and memorable impression
on your guests... here are some of our favorite favor ideas:

Wedding Favor Suggestions

  • Small Picture Frames
  • Seed Packets
  • Vases
  • Cookies
  • Magnets with your Engagement Photo
  • Small Bottles of Wine
  • Wine Glasses
  • Small Box or Bag of Chocolates
  • Bag of Almonds
  • Candy Bottles
  • Jellybeans
  • M & M's
  • Jars of Bubbles
  • Candles
  • Scented Oils
  • Scented Sachets
  • Seasonal or Holiday Item
  • Engraved Pens or Pencils
  • Cigars
  • Scented Soaps
  • Ceramic Angels or Doves


CD Wedding Favors... put together a CD of featured music from your wedding (First Dance , Parent Dances, etc.) along with some of your favorite songs. You can easily create your own artwork and burn your own CD's or hire a company to make the CD's for you.

Put two Hershey's Kisses (one regular kiss and one hug) on a plastic spoon and secure it. Then attach a piece of paper saying "A spoonful of hugs and kisses from the new bride and groom".

Another visitor suggested these other labels for the Hershey's Kisses... "Hugs & Kisses from the Mr. & Mrs."... "A Spoonful of Kisses from the Mr. and Mrs."... "Loving Kisses from the Mr. & Mrs."

Personalized CANDY BAR wrappers are becoming a BIG HIT for weddings. We've received suggestions from several visitors to add them to our list!!!

Write a personalized THANK YOU from the Bride and Groom and have it printed on a magnet... you can put it with the place card for each family.

Chocolate heart lollipops... really easy to make... buy a whole bunch of heart shaped molds, candy sticks and chocolate wafers. Melt the chocolate, pour into molds and put the sticks in at the bottom of the heart... freeze for about 5 minutes and you're done! You can then wrap them in cellophane and tie them with curling ribbon. They'll be a big hit and people won't believe you made them.

Send us your suggestions regarding your favorite wedding favors!


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