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This notice has been posted to help us protect a name that we have been
using long before any other sites that are using the same name.

If you are visiting or advertising at any other site other than,
you are supporting a company that is illegally infringing on our federal trademark!
We own the trademark for Wedding Zone and will not tolerate any other
wedding sites using identical or similar names. The use of 'WEDDING ZONE'
by any unauthorized party is illegal.

We are the original WEDDING ZONE and have been online since 1997.
Our company has spent thousands and thousands of hours and
advertising dollars promoting and building our reputable and
trustworthy name.

The following sites are infringing on our trademark. We ARE NOT affiliated with...

We kindly ask anyone linking to the above mentioned sites or any other sites
using our trademark without permission to update the current link to point
to and replace the banner or text with one of the
APPROVED LINKS in the Wedding Zone Business Services Center.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

To report any other unauthorized use of our trademark, please contact us.


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