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Name Change After Marriage

The Easiest Way to
Change Your Name Online!

Making New Beginnings Easier

Only $29.95 is the premier online name change service created to simplify the name- change process for brides and newlyweds... easily change your name... Social Security, IRS, U.S. Passport, U.S. Postal Service, Driver's License, Voter Registration, Bank, Credit Card, Mortgage, Utility, Medical, Insurance, Professional License, Investment and other notification letters.

Just married? Change your name online. Whether you're hyphenating, taking his name or something in-between, it's just 3 easy steps.

Name Change Kit for Brides The Ultimate Name Change Packet

Order Your Customized Wedding Name Change Kit!

Sorry this product is no longer
available from the manufacturer.


In the past, the name changing process was a time consuming, organizational nightmare.

The Ultimate Name Change Packet™ is designed for the new bride who is ready to relax after all that wedding planning. The packet includes the information, government documents, and forms you need to change or hyphenate your name. It makes the name changing process as easy as saying "I do!™"

With this packet, you can easily change or hyphenate from your maiden name to your married name on your driver's license, Social Security card, IRS, passport, financial institutions, voter registration, insurance companies and more! We provide the forms and information needed. Complete the forms and distribute as required.

Full kit includes: Step-By-Step Guide, Social Security Form, US Passport Form, Motor Vehicle Information or Forms by State, Voter Registration Form, Checklist, Record Keeper, Letter Templates for Banks, Credit Cards, Etc.
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